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chicago firefighters rescue a man from lake michigan on the north side. hundreds of undocumented children from the mexican border and the release renovation project is ready. we have more details. things for joining us. erin will join us later. you'll get the morning headlines in just a moment. first and look at your forecast. yesterday was a good one. >> '70s. no committee. let's look at our day. showers later but not so much today. clouds will bring to
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temperatures above four degrees below the average. the good news is, the rain will hold off until either late tonight or saturday. earlier this week it looks like they're brain could ride in the evening. 65 degrees right now. 59 in morris. the rest of the region we have light cloud cover. right now what i think you could still have that unobstructed view for about 30 minutes before it sets. satellite composite shows we are dry. tonight, we have a 20 percent chance of rain today's high crimes up to 80. tonight's load is down to 65. shares and storms are likely on saturday. could be a heavy dose of rain by the evening. sunday we are back up to 85. erin is off until 5 so let's go over to sarah for traffic. >> a few spots on overnight
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construction. everything is being moved off to the side this morning. in bound eisenhower, two lanes out until 5:00. heading outbound on the kennedy, if construction at the tri-state blocking baleen until 5:00 a.m.. >>chicago firefighters pulled a man out of the lake overnight. this happened at bryn mawr beach, on the 56-hundred block of north lake shore drive. a witness reported seeing a man go under about ten minutes before firefighters arrived. the man was found about ten feet out. >> to of my members pulled him up the ladder and handed him over to e m s. this started cpr. by the time had been left here they did have a pulse. >>the man is in the hospital this morning in serious condition. he went into the water by himself. his clothes were found on land nearby. an autopsy will be performed today on an infant who died at home in prospect heights.
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a baby girl was found unresponsive at this condo complex yesterday morning. investigators did not say if there were signs of trauma. they did say that police has had previous contact with her parents. the building and surrounding area was searched, but no one was brought in for questioning. a 9-year-old boy died after being trapped in a grain bin on his family's farm in wisconsin. it happened in lancaster yesterday morning, about 80 miles southwest of madison. the boy was helping other family members to free up a tool that got stuck and stopped working, when he fell into the bin. it took rescuers an hour to locate the boy's body. he was under more than ten feet of corn. two children from arlington heights are in the hospital after a boating accident in northern wisconsin. it happened yesterday afternoon on little star lake, in manitowish waters. an 11-year-old boy and his 12- year-old sister were tubing, when they struck the side of a pontoon boat. police say all parties involved were in the same family group. no word on the extent of the children's injuries. a big win for the cubs. they are closer to starting renovations at wrigley field. but the rooftop owners might not be done fighting yet. patrick elwood is at the
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ballpark with more.. patrick? >> good morning. the cubs say they would like to begin in renovations as soon as of the season is over. rooftop owners say the matter is not resolved. at this point it looks like the cubs will get seven new signs among other improvements. also, some of the renovations that were passed yesterday include a jumbo screen. it also passed by the landmarks commission, seven new signs, a big revenue makers for the smaller ones that were originally planned. the measure to partly appease the neighbors. other upgrades include new outfield seating and vans the suites. at one point there were going to put into soaring but that has fallen apart. the cubs say it's time to move forward for business and baseball. the decision came after passionate testimony.
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>> we feel like we've made enough progression. at this point, we are willing to sit down and talk about what can happen. hamas everything needs to be done. >> when the ballclubs they bought them subject to that arrangement. the local aldermen who supports the rooftop owners try to have the vote postponed it yesterday but to no avail. a spokesman for the rooftop owners said that they would try to follow the mayor's directive and sit down directly with the cubs once again trying to negotiate a deal out of court. a step forward, but still much to be resolved. $575 million planned to put into the renovations. back to you. >>
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senator mark kirk says more than 4-hundred unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally, are in chicago. they're in the custody of the health and human services department, but kirk did not say where they are being housed. he says the american people have a right to know if they pose a threat. he's asking u-s ambassadors in guatemala, honduras and el salvador if any of them have criminal records. 57-thousand unaccompanied minors have crossed the border since october. president obama is defending his decision not to visit the border during his trip to texas. he says the crisis will not be solved by a photo-op. the president blames house republicans for failing to pass immigration reform. house speaker john boehner says the president is the one who gave families in central america false hope that children would be allowed to stay in the u-s. >> and then they are mad at me for trying to do things to make the immigration system work better. it doesn't make sense! >> this is a problem of the president's own making. he's been president for five and a
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half years. when will he take responsibility for something? >>president obama wants congress to approve 4-billion dollars in emergency funding to address the problem. authorities were able to identify a murdered united flight attendant, thanks to her breast implants. decarol deloney cain was found in her car's trunk, in a wooded area in gary on monday. she was beaten and stabbed to death. no arrests have been made. investigators used the serial number on her breast implants to help identify her. they traced those numbers to her doctor in munster, who confirmed the name. photo and dental records were also used. two men from california are accused of releasing 2-thousand minks from a farm in downstate illinois. they were indicted this week on a federal conspiracy charge, and for interfering with an animal enterprise. prosecutors say the men let the minks go in morris last august, because they were being bred for their fur. they each face five years in prison and a 250-thousand dollar fine. a judge ordered a chicago man accused of attacking two women with a hammer - jailed without bond. 28-year old jawaun westbrook is
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charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.. he's accused of hitting two 55- year old women in their heads with a hammer.. as they walked on a bike path near navy pier tuesday night.. both victims were taken to northwestern memorial hospital. one woman received 30 stitches.. while the other was left with bruises.. a man who was stuck in the cook county jail for more than 30- hours... may take legal action. farad polk filed a petition for discovery today.. requesting to inspect and photograph all areas of the jail. polk was at the jail on july fifth to visit his son. he says he entered a visiting room and the door slammed shut and locked. he had no food, water, or bathroom. he was freed after he set off the fire sprinkler system... which finally brought the fire department. orland park police are looking for a minivan driver who ran over several canada geese.. a following vehicle recorded the incident before calling authorities.. then uploaded the video to youtube. it happened on tuesday around 10-30 a-m... when about 20 geese were crossing the intersection near 104th avenue and 159th street. police believe the silver or gray minivan with a maroon top... is a chevrolet lumina or
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a pontiac trans sport... made between 19-90 and 19-93. anyone with information is urged to call orland park police. with all the rain we've been getting you've probably noticed a lot more mosquitos out there. besides the itch.... there's also the threat of west nile virus... everygreen park mayor james sexton was bit by a west nile carrying mosquito two years ago... and he knows when symptoms start... from experience.. >> it starts out like the flu. i had a fever of 105. >>experts recommend covering up at dusk and dawn to avoid getting bit... as well as wearing bug repellant with deet. it's also important to get rid of mosquito breeding grounds... standing water... a lost car was found by accident outside a hospital. crews were draining a pond near advocate good shepherd hospital in barrington for a construction project. that's when they found a hospital public safety vehicle. it was missing for about 20- years. investigators say they don't know how long its been in the water, or who put it there. yellowstone national park says it's temporarily shutting down a road... because heat is melting it.
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firehole lake drive is a popular three-point-three-mile scenic road for tourists.. the park says extreme heat has caused thick oil to bubble to the surface... damaging the blacktop and making the road unsafe for driving. it's expected to be closed for several days until repairs are made.. >> look out. >> good morning. temperatures are going to warm up a bit but not by much. typical high is 85. we don't make that today. warmer temperatures come this weekend. with that we do have a chance of rain. today, 67 degrees. on the north side were in the '60s. we're cooler in homewood. satellite composite shows no rain across our region. we do have some showers across the extreme northwestern wisconsin. all that comes into our saturday. starting tonight and rumbling through the weekend.
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today, 81. chance of rain later in the state. 83 degrees on saturday. monday it will cool down with a really cool temperatures and high temperatures only in the '70s. >> coming up, the texas man who killed six people before a standoff is due in court. and when investigators found at the home of a teenager shot dead in national guard member. and house of animals cut free from their enclosure at a zoo in minnesota.
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a man charged with killing four children and their parents in texas is set to appear in court today. ronald haskell was arrested after a standoff with police near houston wednesday night. police say he pretended to be a delivery man to get into a home belonging to his ex-wife's sister and her family. once inside, police say he tied everyone up and shot them in the back of the head ... when they wouldn't tell him where his ex-wife was. a 15-year old girl survived by playing dead. police say they found several guns at the home of a teenager charged with killing a member of the national guard. a 15 year old boy is charged as a juvenile for a shooting at an armory in tennessee on monday. investigators say the boy found his way in the armory and fired several shots. sergeant first class michael braden was killed. the gun used did not come from the armory. no motive was given and it's
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not clear if the suspect knew the victim. right as people were walking *in to a minnisota zoo... 3 gorillas were walking *out of their cages... jabir.. samson... and virgil - the three bachelor gorillas at como zoo - left their cages just before 10 a-m. it happened after their habitat door was left unlocked. staff immediately began their emergency procedures.. keeping visitors indoors to be safe.. it took twenty minutes to secure two of the gorillas.. but the third... was found in a storage room playing with boomer balls. tranquilizers were on standby... but were never used. the world cup final is sunday and predicting a winner should be left to the experts. two elephants at a zoo in thailand were used to pick a winner. one represented germany, and the other was for argentina. they didn't play a full game, but they did have a shootout. in the end, the elephant for germany came out on top by making one goal out of three kicks. argenina's elephant didn't score at all. so put your money on germany.. the elephants have spoken.
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>> if the pachyderm says it you go with it. >> had to vegas and put your money down. >> we can go there. >> we could go to northwest indiana as well. >> today, 63 degrees wind out of south east at 3 mi.. a light breeze today with that potential for a light breeze to develop with the cool water coming in. here are the current temperatures. as you look around the region, we have generally dry conditions. we are dry to the morning in the afternoon. a low pressure system is moving to the north the frontal boundary will drop into the region and this will bring the good dose of rain for the weekend. for today, we are dry. into tonight you will see after a check out time after 5:00 p.m. there is potential for showers and storms. into late tonight and
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early tomorrow there is a heavy dose of rain coming our way. we do see some numbers over 1 in. of rain during the weekend. that will develop tonight and come through saturday. today, 81 it's becoming cloudy a thunderstorm is likely tonight. 65 degrees. tomorrow, 60 percent chance of rain 83 degrees is a high. sunday 4 percent chance of reaching 84. but we have to dodge the raindrops this weekend. >> ct a and metra are increasing service today for the taste of chicago. there are many closures downtown. no bikes on the trains. you have closures in place downtown also dealing with construction on the kennedy this morning on the app onside around cumberland. this is a look at the kennedy and you can see everything is moving along just fine.
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>> coming up, details of a scam target and i pass users. plus -- this may be the *year of the tick*... dr tony will join us to talk about how your pets can avoid bites. and next in sports -- chicago's specialty comes in handy as two of our best are headed to baseball's all-star game. >> it was supposed to be the morning that we were all talking about the big decision in basketball if demetrius looks extra nervous it's because there was no announcement yesterday. or going to look to see everybody's reaction including 3000 followers on a certain twitter account. will have more coming up.
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we now have six all stars representing the city next week. sale and rizzo poach one final five voting they will be a target field next week. and especially event full day on thursday they empty the benches a big baseball fight. no punches. extra innings and the cubs get the job done. to on the 12 crashing into the right. hits the wall and goes down two runs score. trying to make it
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inside, he's not that fast. the plate is blocked its illegal but the cubs to win for the first time in seven games in extra innings. and two players make the all-star team. >> it's great. it's awesome. good to get that win as well. it's going to be even better on top of that. or very very happy. >> it's a fun experience. special to have my family there with me. just looking to have another good practice. >> on the field, flat out scoring from ortiz. boston is on top. pinch hitting home run tying the game at fenway. in the 10th, after a few walks boston delivers. a single to left and had extra innings final four-
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three. that's morning sports. >> stocks slump thursday after poor economic news from europe. the dow dropped 71 points. the nasdaq fell 22. and the s-and-p lost eight. the illinois tollway is warning i-pass customers about a phishing scam. customers have been fraudulently sent emails saying they owe money for missed tolls... the scam uses the e-zpass logo and the emails are being sent from the 'e-zpass collection agency.' about 100 customers have voiced concern about the email. anyone who has received an email should delete it immediately. 12-and a half million dollars from the state... to help fix some of chicago's roads ravaged by potholes.. mayor emanuel made the announcement yesterday on martin luther king drive... which is getting a two-mile stretch resurfaced. over nine-million dollars will resurface nearly nine miles of streets. the rest.. will be used for patching, or getting streets ready for bike lanes. a man's pregnant wife had to get to the hospital for the
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birth of their child. so he got his wife in the car.. and turned on the video camera. troy dickerson strapped his "go pro" camera to his head, as his wife went into labor next to him. you can hear him reassure his wife that they were almost at the hospital. but when they pulled up, the baby decided it was time to come out. so did dickerson stop the camera.. of course not. >> when i saw the head it really kicked in and i fought cancer like that with his head halfway out for much longer. so i said push! >> good girl! i got him. he's perfect. >>the mother teaches birth education at home sometimes, so dickerson kind of knew what to do. the couple also has video of their other children's births. >> that is up close and personal. congratulations to them. >> gotta get one of those cameras. imagine the advertising. >> pretty much that will be the whole newscast all on those
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cameras. >> let's take a look at our day. this morning and it could be 73 by 10:00 a.m.. 5:00 p.m. will be at 79. chance of rain when the sun goes down tonight. showers and storms continue through the weekend. it will be what one. >> is in the what the google class is for? we have a few closures out there for the taste of chicago. columbus and jackson and congress all are having closures through the 14th. watch for that added traffic downtown. lots of people are expected to hit the downtown area. >> still more to come including a suburban children hurt in a tubing accident. and have jesse jackson jr. paid off his debt to the government. and republicans are moving forward with their plans to sue the president. and dean has weekend movie reviews includingrefiners rescue a man e
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michigan on the north side. hundreds of children across the border are being held in chicago. and its unanimous, the wrigley renovation project is
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going on. we have more details. good morning. erin will join us at the top of the hour. first let's go to our favorite meteorologist. >> that's two votes for best meteorologist. no one else gets a said. and erin is not here so we can talk about her all morning long. let's take a look at our day. 52 degrees is the current temperature looking to valparaiso its at 53. sublet composite shows we are dry in most regions. no rain today. tonight is a different story. we have a cold front on the left- hand portion of the screen out to the west in northwestern iowa and minnesota that will make its way here tonight. shares and storms will come. 79 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. 9:00 p.m. near down to 73. chance of rain at 9:00 p.m.. we make 83 saturday. good chance of showers and storms for the weekend. the temperature
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will fall into tuesday and wednesday we will only be in the low '70's. >> the roadways are looking good. no major delays. construction closure at 5:00 a.m. will last for the next two months. as a head south bound on the tri-state the ramp to west bound grand avenue at 132 will be blocked off starting at 5:00 a.m.. closed for two months. they have you moving to the eastbound and then flipping back around. back to you. >> a man is in the hospital in serious condition after firefighters pulled him out of the lake. it happened last night the witness reported seeing a man go under about 10 minutes before firefighters arrived. he was found about 10 ft. out in the water alone with his clothes on. the cubs are closer to renovating really field after the landmarks commission gave its approval of
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the rooftop owners might not be done fighting yet. patrick is live with more. >> good morning. it appears another step forward. the cubs want to begin renovation to the field as soon as the season is over. the rooftop owners say this matter is far from resolved. as it stands, it does appear the field will get seven new signs. >> renovations will include new out field lights, and new bleachers all among the appurtenance unanimously passed a landmark commission. the renovations to the 100 year-old field will include seven new signs, a big revenue makers but is smaller jumbo drawn than originally conceived a measure to parlay appease the neighbors. one-third smaller than originally proposed. other upgrades include new outfield seating and a host of very nice
4:32 am
sweet spirit a one time the team had an agreement to only add 2/7 to avoid a lawsuit. that plan has fallen apart. the cubs say it's time to move forward for business and baseball reasons which will help them feel a better team according to the spokesman. >> we feel like we made enough adjustments. at this point, we are willing to sit down and talk if there is a resolution that we can make. >> the decision comes after passionate testimony from those for and against the scope of the plan. >> in the bleachers, everything it needs to be done. >> when it bought clubs they bought them subject to that arrangement. the local aldermen tried to have that vote yesterday postponed but to no avail. a spokesperson for the rooftop owners says they will try to take a directive from the mayor to sit down with the team in the next few days to work
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out a deal to avoid taking this matter to court. in the end, the final analysis of what came true this week, another step forward. reporting from outside the friendly confines. back to the studio. >>a tribune investigation discovered how former congressman jesse jackson junior was able to pay a massive fine for misusing campaign funds. a court ordered jackson to pay 750-thousand dollars, or risk losing his two homes. he gave up 200-thousand dollars before entering prison last fall. then, paid off the balance with a wire transfer in may. the tribune has learned that the second payment was made with money from a lending company that was only established a month earlier. it was created at a law firm used by a jackson family friend, who has served prison time for conspiracy and securities fraud. jackson junior is currently serving a 30-month prison sentence. his wife sandi will serve her 12 month prison sentence next, for filing false tax returns. two churches are trying to save children from the violent streets, by having them help others. the south park baptist church in bronzeville employs 42 young
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people at pioneer gardens. that's the church's apartment building for seniors. the workers help residents by taking them where they need to go or just keeping them company. >> gives me something to do with my time. i could be at home doing nothing or the outside or i don't need to be. >>the "church of the spirit" in logan square is also giving teens a safe place to go to. the "institute for positive living," at 36th and rhodes, provides tutoring and teaches reading skills and critical thinking. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. two children from arlington heights were hurt in a boating accident in northern wisconsin. an 11-year-old boy and his 12- year-old sister were tubing yesterday afternoon, when they struck the side of a pontoon boat. police say all parties involved were in the same family group. no word on the extent of the children's injuries. senator mark kirk says 429 unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally, are in chicago. they're in the custody of the health and human services department, but kirk did not say
4:35 am
where they are being housed. he says the american people have a right to know if they pose a threat. he's asking u-s ambassadors in guatemala, honduras and el salvador if any of them have criminal records. former state representative keith farnham is considering a plea deal in the federal child pornography case against him. farnham is accused of e-mailing videos of children being molested. he resigned after his home was raided in march, citing unspecified health issues. farnham is under house arrest. a barge sunk in the chicago river near the lasalle street bridge yesterday.. the barge belonged to a construction company doing work along the riverwalk. the 50 by 20 foot barge is now completely submurged... no one was on board when it sank.. house republicans are moving forward with plans to sue president obama, who is firing back with his own criticsm. andrew spencer has more. the white house is offering to help negotiate a cease-fire between israel and hamas. the legal challenge by house republicans has an ironic twist, the lawsuit argues the president violated the constitution by delaying a key provision of obama care, a lot
4:36 am
they fought to repeal. in a statement on thursday the house speaker said the president changed the health care law without a vote of congress effectively creating his own law by literally leaving the mandate that is not the way our system of government was designed to work. the president had a slightly different take. >> use to me for doing my job? >> speaking in texas on thursday the president quoted as he neared his frustration with republicans. >> sometimes i feel like saying i am the guy doing my job you must be the other guy. sue them. impi jim. really? really? for what? >> he said republicans did not seem to mind when president bush issued the executive orders. the plan for legal action was defended earlier. >> most presidents of two
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executive orders with in the law. what we're talking about here are places where the president is basically read writing law to make it fit his own needs. >> the republican-led house is expected to vote on a resolution for legal action at the end of the month. >> the white house is offering to help negotiate a cease-fire between israel and hamas. a rocket was fired from southern lebanon to northern israel today. israel responded, but it's not clear who fired that first rocket. israel and hamas have been trading rocket attacks for the past week. president obama and israel's prime minister talked on the phone. the white house is offering to help push negotiations, even though it refuses to talk to hamas because its considered a terrorist group. germany has kicked the top c-i- a official at the u-s embassy in berlin, out of the country. germany says the u-s has refused to cooperate with questions about intelligence activities, after it was revealed that the n-s-a had been monitoring the communications of chancellor angela merkel. the official, who has not been named, was told to leave willfully ... or he would be
4:38 am
forced out. home depot has fired the father whose son died in a hot car in georgia. justin ross harris is charged with the murder of his 22-month old son, cooper. a judge has denied him bail. harris was working at home depot's corporate offices near atlanta, as his son was dying in his car outside. harris says he forgot his son was in there. home deport did not give details about the firing. toxicology results show cooper had no drugs in his system, when he died. a young girl thought to be the first child cured of the h-i-v virus... does in fact have it. doctors detected h-i-v levels in the three year-old from mississippi during a routine visit earlier this month. a second round of testing confirmed she did infact have the virus.. for the last two years.. the child was receiving anti- retroviral therapy. doctors are resuming giving her anti-h-i-v medications, which she is responding well to. smuggled dinosaur bones have been recovered and sent back to mongolia.. authorities say the bones were disassembled and smuggled
4:39 am
through customs between 20-05 and 20-12. together, they form over 18 skeletons... including a "nearly complete" tarbosaurus and a fossilized egg. they were returned to the mongolian government during a repatriation ceremony yesterday. the fossils are between 68 and 80 million years old... originating from mongolia's gobi desert. the woman was driving in mexico when a car broke down on the side of the road. when she popped her hood, a 20 lb. python was underneath. the woman and man who stopped to help her ran off until police arrived assay it was likely to speak for some warmth. i hit it when that happens. every week ... >> it's not snakes on a plane. i can't even say it again. wind out of the suffering now at 3 mi. per hour. yesterday we were at 79. 85 is the typical high.
4:40 am
we will be closer to that this evening but we have a chance of showers and storms starting tonight. up to 67 in waukegan. 56 in aurora. much warmer at midway. the urban heat is in effect. satellite and radar composite shows we are dry. we stayed dry to the morning. all of this will get here later tonight chance of rain by 9:00 p.m.. not an all day or evening rain. the chances increase with each hour and that are morning we have showers and storms in the region. today's high 81 degrees. cooler along the lake. the water right now is in the mid-60s and upper 50s. we are expecting 83 degrees on saturday with a chance of rain. some day we make 84. >> still ahead, the worst time of the year for pet allergies. dr. toni is here to talk about how to protect our furry
4:41 am
friends. and breaking down the latest in the nba free agent action. and it's friday which means its movie review date. what did he think of begin it's like one remark after
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4:44 am
another. >> i love it. it changes every five seconds. where are these free agents going? where is lebron james where is carmelo going? people were glued to lebron james dot com because the rumor was last night the decision was going to be posted that he was going to cleveland. demetrius has been refreshing to website over and over again. let's show you when this started. a web developer said this yesterday saying it just ran in firebug across the site came up with a few things there are some pages that were built yesterday but no content is on them but they do have a color palette. the caller? the colors of the cleveland cavaliers for those of you too lazy to plug them in. on top of that, the akron beacon journal tweet yesterday saying they feel strongly that he will sign with cleveland. his camp has
4:45 am
contacted them to alert them of tonight's announcement ... after that here was the scene at his house. people were showing up saying it wanted to be there for the big celebration at his house as he announces his returning but guess what, he never announced it. in the meantime, we did have a twitter account that launched for his lawn you can follow what his lawn is saying saying you all need to get off of me. that was one of the big tweets. there were many three tweets of that. you can follow his lawn to see what's happening. it even took its own picture. that was pretty funny. let's see what else we have. he has a partnership with beach music. a lot of companies are getting involved. they treated a plan lest they said they found on his phone saying i'm coming home and feel like celebrating with old friends. so
4:46 am
we will have more in the next hour. lots of hints are being dropped that he is indeed coming back to cleveland and nothing official yet. and where is carmelo going? is it coming to chicago? he may actually considering coming year. >> we all get the nba package donated by our station. that would be great. >> can't get enough of this. two good. >> let's take a look at our day. right now it's 53 in valparaiso. homewood rating of 54 satellites composite shows showers way out to the north and west. the rain doesn't get here until we get into tonight. expect a nice and enjoyable friday. late tonight we have the chance of showers and storms. mount much of the weekend will be rain. 83 degrees on saturday. before sunday. next week, high of 79 on monday. high temperature of 70 on tuesday.
4:47 am
that is 15 degrees cooler than normal. when stanley makes 73. >> a lot of the overnight roadwork is wrapping up. we had some on the kennedy coming in bound around ohio that's been picked up the top of the hour. here's a look at the tristate everything is moving just fine. >>20-14 may be the "year of the tick"... why *city dogs are most at risk. and, why this time of year is the worst for pet *allergies . we're talking about all that with veterinarian, dr tony kremer. >> your talking to a bunch of experts. i have a dog. demetrius has a cat. but he's an expert. >> your text can get sick as well. >> what are the warning signs? >> you'd think after this winter that everything had to live outside including bugs would have been decimated with the
4:48 am
horrible conditions but it seems like people are saying maybe this note protected the texts and it came out with a vengeance. we are seeing in the veterinary hospital way higher levels of pets coming in with tax. and there are gross. people feel them and think they have a growth and when they find out what it really is removing that tick is something they don't want to do. now it's very easy to keep the ticks and fleas off. >> looking at the signs right there. go through it. >> when ticks by taking the diseases. these are signs of some severe diseases that pets can get the caused them to be limp and have lethargy and a fever. there are some bad things. we want to protect them against these diseases. i mentioned and brought with me remember lyme disease is one the most common diseases that causes the symptoms appear there is a
4:49 am
vaccine for that. something you can give a dog. a shot and it will get lyme disease. it's a vaccine that have to get every year because of last three years like some others. >> is this part of a normal every year shop? >> it should be. in the midwest. ticks are so bad it such a common problem it's a nice way to prevent something that is very dangerous. >> i'm assuming you have to go to the bed to get that done? >> the veterinarian will give them that. a few other things, very easy to keep teaching ticks and fleas off your pets. we have some safe products. giving our dogs and cats and medication to keep them from getting heartworm. now there's a product that does everything. fleas and ticks and mites and also her warm. it's the most economical way to protect your pet against everything. and some pets are on an injectable form of heart or medication they get every six months. remember to give that heartworm medication every
4:50 am
single month. for those pets, the have a little chewable pill that's like a treaty give once a month it will keep your pet from getting fleas and ticks. >> pet allergies. what are they, and things of pets are allergic to? >> went ahead to get allergies, whether they eat something they are allergic to or coming contact with something the manifest their allergies in their skin. they don't get some ec they bite and chew and scratch and it drives the owners crazy. dogs and cats are being driven crazy as well. want to give them relief. when people see the cuts being allergic to something get them into the veterinarian, there are some great things we have to fight this. medications that will stop the itching. make them feel better and reduce some guys diagnostic test your blood and skin test to figure out what this really is that they are allergic to. if we can find that
4:51 am
and eliminate that that's great spirit if not there is a new medication coming out in the next six or eight months the done trials on this. it's fully approved. it's like a miracle drug. the people up there who have pets that supper with allergies, you will find this medication will be absolutely something that will be a miraculous cure for many pet allergies making pets win more comfortable. >> thank you for coming in. you can keep up with dr. tony on his website. he's also on twitter, *at doc tony d-v-m*. coming up... the apes take over the big screen. dean gives us his review, next.
4:52 am
so this board gives me rates on progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them. -yes. -but they're here. -yes. -are you... -there? -yes. -no. -are you them? i'm me. but the lowest rate is from them. -yes. -so them's best rate is... here. so where are them? -aren't them here? -i already asked you that. -when? -feels like a while ago. want to take it from the top? rates for us and them. now that's progressive. apes! do not want war!
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>>in "dawn of the planet of the apes," a small group of humans living in the woods want to
4:55 am
impose their will on the peaceful apes... putting both sides on the brink of war. dean says, the 20-11 version carried incredible messages and delicate special effects. but this sequel is just a special effects extravaganza. it's a dean's list "b". >> tonight standing on a put subway platform morning to kill myself than i heard your song. >>"begin again" tells the story of down on her luck songwriter who runs into a down on his luck record executive... who both strike out on their own to create musical magic. dean says, it's not the strongest story, but draws you into rooting for these most lovable characters. it's a charming dean's list "b". >> what grade do you give the weekend? >> for the weather, maybe a c-. in maybe a good movie to head to see. today's high temperature is 81. its drive for much of the day. tonight with a chance of
4:56 am
showers and storms. 83 on saturday, sunday 84. >>, napa, the texas border crisis texas closer to home with crisis texas closer to home with hundreds of coming
4:57 am
4:58 am
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